Electric & Safety

RPS Switches


RMCE distributes, designs specific to customer needs and builds up custom electrical panels featuring safety PLCs, safety modules and safety field devices. We can assist customers in performing hazard analysis on machines and work stations, and advise on the correct safety products to specify. Our latest offering of variable speed drives includes such features as safe off, acceleration and deceleration monitoring, monitoring of field devices for proper functioning and alarm/reporting features.

With our experience in the electrical industry, we understand how important safety is in the workplace. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality electrical safety equipment products that help secure a safe working environment. Our wide range of products is available to help protect the assets that are most valuable to your business: your employees and equipment.

  • Safety PLC for control of field devices and power removal from system
  • Machine guard switches with dedicated controls
  • Safety motor controls with safe off feature
  • Flag switches, alarms, overflow detection devices and communications sytems
  • Hazard analysis software packages to latest safety standards

RPS Switches

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