Motor Controls / Variable Speed Drives

Enclosed Drive

Rocky Mountain Conveyor & Equipment, Inc. operating its own UL 508A panel shop, distributes, designs and builds standard and custom panels for various industries including the mining industry, ski lift drives, HVAC controls, machine controls and special electrical panels for unique applications. As a distributor, we carry products form such well known manufacturers as Control Techniques, Euchner, McKee Communications, Mennekes,Pilz, Sick, Vacon and other top line manufacturers to assure our customers that when they buy from us, they are receiving the very best in world class electrical components.

As a system integrator, our electrical systems are for both AC and DC drives, servo drives, regenerative AC and DC drives, contactor motor control and low voltage control systems. As required, we utilize bus networks, safety and standard PLCs, direct and distributed control schemes, wireless systems and a myriad of field devices. We can provide any customer specified equipment from any major manufacturer. Our control packages offer:

Control Techniques
  • AC Drives to 7,500 HP, DC Drives to 2,000 HP
  • Voltages from 115 VAC to 690VAC with .99 power factor and active front end
  • Fixed boost, flux vector, regenerative, servo and common bus drive applications
  • Extendable through a large range of click-in option modules
  • Safety PLC for control of field devices and power removal from system
  • Bus network compatible, including many different field busses and Ethernet TCP/IP programmable automation and motion control
  • Robust design for long and reliable service
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