Standard and Custom Conveyor Products for Industry

C50 Padded Chain Transfer

Galvanized Flat Wite

Rocky Mountain Conveyor & Equipment, Inc. offers standard and custom conveyor and material-handling solutions for any of your needs. Our conveyors are used in brick plants, power plants, mines, warehouses, water treatment plants, quarries, jails, bakeries, manufacturing and test facilities. We have moved coal, hard rock ore, railroad ties, boxes, bagged material, bottles, breads loaves, cans and computers in demanding applications that satisfy our customers' need for efficient and safe product movement.

Typically our customers either specify the type of conveyor system they need, or we develop in union with our customers, site specific conveyors to meet unique customer criteria. When possible, we use off-the-shelf conveyors from reliable, well-known manufacturers. If no standard product is available, we custom design material-handling solutions specific to your needs. We have in-house engineering capability using AutoCAD or Solid Works cad software. Our fabrication facility features equipment such as metal lathe and milling machines, high definition plasma table, CNC 12' x 250 ton press brake, inverter power sources for all types of welding, large 18-inch vertical band saw, 37-inch metal-sanding machine and overhead crane service at the work cells. With power available from 115 to 600 VAC, we can power up and test your equipment before delivery.

Conveyor and Material Handling Equipment:

  • Gravity, powered roller and belt package handling conveyors
  • Overhead chain conveyors for plating, paint, assembly work and property storage
  • Heavy duty dual chain conveyors with product lifts for large loads
  • Travelling water screen conveyors
  • Screw conveyors and bucket elevators
  • Plastic mat chain conveyors, submersible and dry applications
  • Wide belt loading and unloading conveyors
  • Trough belt bulk material conveyors and feeders
  • Pulleys, bushings, shafts and bearings
  • Replacement conveyor chains, sprockets and belting
  • Belt cleaners, safety pull cords, level detection and alarms
  • Standard and shaft mounted reducers and gear motors
  • Chain and sprocket drives for power transmission
  • Conveyor covers, supports and load hoppers
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