Our extensive list of supplier partners includes both Distributor Principals and OEM Suppliers whose equipment is specified due to the special nature of our needs. Due to our sophistication in the market place, many of these specialty OEM suppliers are proud to have their products associated with our equipment.


¼ HP to 2,000 HP AC drives and motors, DC Drives and motors, Servo drives and motors, packaged drive products, electrical control panel design and furnish. Through 700 VAC


Northstar and Dynapar, Acuro, Hengstler and Harowe feedback devices, incremental and absolute encoders, resolvers and evaluation units for light duty, industrial, servo and heavy duty applications. Shaft mounted and non-contact units. Optical, magnetic and inductive units


Safety relays, safety evaluation units, Werma optical and audible signal devices, non-contact safety sensors, machine guarding devices, pendant controls, Inductive ID systems, multiple limit switches, trip dogs and trip rails, bus compatible safety products (ASI)


Package handling conveyor systems, gravity and powered roller conveyors, zero and low pressure accumulation systems, conveyor rollers and accessories, complete engineered conveyor systems

LAUYANS (Formerly Gregory Adams/ Litton UHS)

Overhead conveyors for paint lines, parts storage, process conveying, floor to floor systems and heating/cooling overhead tunnel conveyors


24 VDC, NEMA 4X construction and industrial communications systems for mines, factories, ski lift terminals, hoists, elevators, cranes and other locations requiring a point to point or multi node, low cost, fail safe communications system


NEMA 4/4x motor disconnects, fused disconnects, pin and sleeve receptacles, connectors, switch interlocked receptacles and connectors, plastic and stainless steel construction


Package handling conveyors, rollers, stackers, pallet conveyors, extendable conveyors, conveyor bearings and accessories


Photo eye, capacitive, inductive and ultrasonic sensors and their associated controls. Sensors can be furnished as AC, DC and NAMUR, evaluation units process controls, Zener and transformer isolated barriers, motion control encoders and intrinsic safety devices


Safety sensors, safety evaluation units, safety PLC’s, safety relays, safety evaluation software


Overhead conveyor systems and parts used for packing lines, paint lines, property storage systems, powder coating lines, and in plant overhead warehousing for assembly lines


Motors, gear reducers, gear motors, adjustable speed AC drives, from fractional to 200 HP. Spiral bevel, helical spiral bevel, helical units that can be foot or shaft mounted with solid or hollow shaft output style


Photo eyes, non-contact sensors and safety PLC controls. Safety light curtains and grids, bar code readers, distance measuring lasers and optical solutions for specialized processes


Plastic or stainless steel conveyor chains, large width plastic mat chains that are both industry standard and specialized construction. Food handling, meat handling, automotive, can and bottle handling, people movers and corrugated plants


Low and medium voltage AC Motor drives, ¼ -7,000 HP, 2300, 4160 VAC, water cooled drives, buss capable, packaged drive solutions, regenerative drives


Conveyor pulleys, shafts bearings and accessories, engineered class and mine duty drums, special pulleys for personnel transport, wide belt and plastic chain rollers

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